Our Next-Generation ECM Solutions for Healthcare

Business challenges

The healthcare industry, including healthcare providers and payers, is experiencing a wide array of operational challenges. They’re facing spiraling healthcare costs related to disease management and preventive healthcare initiatives. At the same time, they’re sometimes providing inconsistent and even poor quality of service due to a variety of circumstances, which can demand pouring more money into operations to make improvements. Public pressures to move toward a health care system that puts the needs of the patient first is calling for healthcare organizations to carefully investigate existing processes. Increasing regulatory compliance demands such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) are placing enormous demands on IT organizations and business decision makers to comply.

Key business requirements

Healthcare organizations are trying to keep pace with the emergence of a new environment driven by the dictates of globalization, consumerism and demographic shifts. They need to improve efficiency of operations, contain costs and acquire new business more effectively. They’re understanding the advantage of interoperability among systems and delivering new products faster across multiple distribution channels, so that patient information can be portable and move with them from one point of care to another across communities, regions, and ideally, nationwide. The increased burden of disease is requiring expensive new technologies and treatments. Consumer-directed health plans, where members determine how and where to spend their healthcare budgets, are producing active and informed consumers who are demanding more convenient and reliable service from payers.

Electronic health records (EHR)


How our next-generation ECM solutions can help

The biopharmaceutical industry is experiencing significant change propelled by shifting market dynamics, the evolution of products toward targeted treatment solutions and a compliance landscape that is moving toward more scientific, risk-based approaches. In order to not only meet the requirements indicated by such changes, but to turn these requirements into business advantages, organizations will need to fundamentally change the way in which they approach compliance-centric enterprise content management architectures.

Our next-generation ECM solutions for the healthcare industry support applications and processes such as electronic health record management, billing, accounts payable, policy management and revenue cycle management. With a fully integrated ECM platform, healthcare providers and payers can manage content and business processes better while connecting with applications and existing systems across the enterprise. Our next-generation ECM solutions help healthcare providers and payers:
  • Automate complex processes and reduce operational costs.
  • Transform operations by streamlining procedures, eliminating redundant procedures, improving information accuracy, removing process bottlenecks, balancing employee workloads and providing comprehensive business analytics for better decision making.
  • Streamline patient care by providing simultaneous and instantaneous access to patient records.
  • Accelerate existing investments in key applications like electronic health record management.
  • Securely share health information across communities, health networks and regions.
  • Achieve compliance with internal policy mandates and industry regulatory requirements.
  • Support new initiatives, such as the demand for higher quality of care and patient-centric healthcare.

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