IT Franchise

Our support, Our expertise and Our system, Your future and Your dream

Be your own boss, Grow your own business

We are dramatically changing the way that innovative IT services and solutions are delivered to small & medium sized businesses

When you open an IT franchise with TripodSoft solutions, you are running your own business along with our support, expertise, proven systems and partnerships of a national and even a global brand. You are not lonely and struggling for your survive anymore. We’ve been in business over 9 years. We believe there is nothing more promising than a local IT business owner focused on supporting his/her local customers as a trusted IT solution and service provider. We are seeking relationships with startup IT solution and service providers and also successful existing independent IT solution and service providers as a cornerstone to our growth strategy.

Sound Market

Unlike other businesses that can go through cycles of downturn, the IT services sector continues to grow. There are over 11 million small and mid-sized businesses in the United States and for many of them, great IT support is the only thing they need to realize their full potential.

Low Risk

The franchise business model is proven. It will take you just a few minutes to take the next steps to realizing the dream of being your own boss.

Low Cost

At TripodSoft, you’ll learn how to run an amazing and substantial business that can even be home based. No brick and mortar, costly leases, inventory worries, and few employees. All this with family friendly hours Monday through Friday.