About TripodSoft, Inc.

TripodSoft, Inc. is a solution & service provider and also an investor located in New Jersey, USA to almost 20 fortune 500 companies and over 30 companies in USA, offering consulting, integration and maintenance services on the latest software technologies. We have one investment department, one service platform, one R&D platform and several business sectors.

Our service platform provides next-generation solutions in Cloud Computing, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM), Enterprise Records Management (ERM), Enterprise Storage Management (ESM) and iPhone applications. Our next-generation solutions complement and extend beyond the range of product and service offered by IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Kofax, Apache, Tibco and Global 360 etc. Also we provide agile project management, consulting and outsourcing, and develop agile software and customized pieces for our clients in financial, insurance, media, advertising, gaming, pharmaceutical and life science industries since 2000.

Since the first day of TripodSoft, we have strived to apply the newest and most advanced IT technologies into other industries. In 2001 and 2002, we did research and development in cloud computing with workflow of Bioinformatics. In 2005 and 2006, we did research and development in cloud computing with workflow of dynamic finance system. We do research on and develop dynamic motion and kungfu game middlewares, which can be embeded into popular commercial game engines or provide cloud computing services, since 2007.

Currently we have 11 business sectors: (1) Cloud Computing sector, (2) BI sector, (3) CI sector, (4) ECM sector, (5) BPM sector, (6) ERP sector, (7) eBusiness sector, (8) Gaming sector, (9) iPhone sector, (10) BPO sector and (11) KPO sector. The managers or supervisors of business sectors and vice presidents, who hold less than 10% share of TripodSoft, Inc, do not have the authority to sign contracts with customers for or in the name of TripodSoft, Inc. Our CTO will help them to sign contracts with customers.

Vision Statement

At TripodSoft, we bring a unique insight and vision to system processes, system integration and management onto the business environment. Searchers of the best of breed techniques and software tools to support diverse groups of enterprise infrastructure across all platforms.

Company Structure - "Service Mall is the way" and "Chain has the power"